Meng Ding Huang Ya Tea

Mending Huangya is shaped yellow buds of tea produced in Sichuan Province, Yaan City Mending. Mending mountain is the famous tea-producing areas, there are many varieties; The mountain is surrounded by fog and clouds throughout the year with frequent showers. Mending Huangya is especially tender and delicate in its texture.

Quality characteristics of Mending Huangya tea:

Shape: evenly, flat, straight

Color: yellow bloom, gold tips revealed

Soup color: yellow green

Aroma: pure and normal lasting

Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste

Infused leaves: tender and even

Mengding mountain in Ya'an City in southwestern Sichuan, lie in the north west Mingshan, the mountain from north to south, southwest of the northeast a zonal distribution, extending to Ya'an territory Mending world Tea birthplace of civilization, the birthplace of the world tea culture. As Mengdingshan altitude, soil, climate, etc. The most suitable growth of tea, so as early as the Western Han Dynasty two thousand years ago, the founder of Wu Lichen Mending tea Mending domestication began planting wild tea, tea began artificial history. Tang and Song Dynasties is the heyday with tea. From Emperor Tianbao first year (724 years) was classified as a tribute, as emperor worship heaven and earth fathers special products, has been followed to the Qing Dynasty, after twelve hundred years without interruption. In private, which tea has traditionally been regarded as cured disease Qubing God thing. Therefore, the historic Mongolian top tea is called "fairy tea", Mending known as "fairy tea hometown." 

As Mengding  yellow bud production of special and complex process, resulting Mending yellow bud on the market of varying quality, the enterprise can not be mass-produced, culminating in the situation, that is, the market yellow bud "non-green non- yellow "difficult for consumers to identify true and false.


The method comprises the following steps of: selecting stout, strong, plump and solid simple buds; spreading, removing water, microwaving and heating slightly; bagging; performing primary stifling, secondary stifling and third stifling; intensively placing yellow tea after repeated stifling into a dustpan in which multiple layers of yellow paper are padded and covering the yellow tea with the multiple layers of the yellow paper; placing the dustpan in an air-conditioned room at the room temperature of between 25 and 28 DEG C for two days; keeping the temperature, performing oxidization and xanthochromia and adding fragrant; inspecting xanthochromia situation in stifling processes at any time; uniformly turning and stirring the bottom and the surface of the stifling yellow tea in the processes of the stifling so as to avoid non-uniform oxidization and xanthochromia; taking a tea sample out and molding manually after the tea sample has a basic style of the Huangya tea; slowly drying the molded Huangya tea at the low temperature of between 70 and 80 DEG C until the water content is between 5 and 6 percent; obtaining primarily processed Mending Huangya tea; selecting to obtain genuine commodity Huangya tea; and cooling and storing at low temperature.