Jiu Hua Mountain Buddha Tea

Jiuhua Buddha tea originated in the beautiful Juihua mountain.The place is considered sacred for Buddhist pilgrims because it is home to ancient Buddhist temples. Since there are very few people living in the mountain except monks, there is no industrial pollution and the tea is organic. The tea itself is believed to have become popular during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912).

JiuHua Mountain area is characterized by subtropical monsoon climate, which is a little harsher than that in the coastal areas but much milder than the climate in the western part of the country. The seasonality allows for the production of teas with varied flavor. Anhui province is, in fact, the place where a number of tea varieties originated.

Jiuhua Buddha tea is a green tea. It is derived from Camellia sinensis leaves, which have been dried and heat-treated in a hot roasting pan to stop the process of oxidation and preserve the green color of the leaves.

Jiu Hua Buddha tea  has a wonderful leafy aroma and a sweet taste.The exquisite needle-shaped leaves glisten with white downy hair. It is not a strong taste at all, but has a very delicate sweet aftertaste, refreshing.

Brewing Guide: Pour hot water into a glass teawarne to full first, and then add tea leaves and brew it for 2 minutes.

(JiuHua Mountain Buddha Tea in our shop is handmade by monks of Xin An Temple in Jiu Hua Mountain, with traditional tea producing  technology.  The old Temple is very poor now, The monks sell their tea to earn money for repairing their temple.)