Chinese Famous Congou Black Tea

BT08:Jiu Qu Hong Mei Black Tea

Jiu Qu Hong Mei is also named "Long Jing (dragon well) Hong Cha"( from the same producing area as the Long Jing teas) and  "Jiu Qu Hong". A very rare and famous tea from the Zhejiang Province of China, It is from 500 meters Da Hu Mountain, the suburb of Hangzhou city, the Peak is a basin. Jiu Qu Hong Mei is a rare black tea, first developed in 1926.

Jiu Qu Hong Mei is so called because of the "red plum"/"Hong Mei" color of the brew that it produces. and is a fine tea that rivals other high quality teas since it is pick by the "two leaves and a bud" principle. This results in a brew that is warm & pleasing to the stomach.

Quality characteristics:

It is medium amber in color, clear and smooth texture, sweet fruity taste. The bright red infusion has an appetizing honeyed sweet aroma while the taste is wonderfully smooth. fresh black tea with an indescribable flavor, with the most delicate hints of pine, orchid, crushed apple and a rich, floral sweet underlying taste.

BT09:Yi Xing Congou Black Tea

Yixing black is also called as Yangxian black tea which has a history for more than 400 years. Yixing is a county-level city in Jiangsu province, in eastern China with a population of half a million.

Quality characteristics :

The leaves are almost entirely made up of a considerable amount of buds which have a soft golden hue, a sign of high quality. The infusion is a amber, yellow color that is exceptionally smooth and delicate with a sweet malt flavor. A sweet, fragrant, full bodied Yixing black comprised almost entirely of exquisitely manicured single bud and single leaf pairs.The pairing of leaves and buds creates for a well balanced flavor spectrum between sweet and deep malted flavors , stimulating high notes. This is a rare, high grade, limited production black tea.


1 using clear glass teacup ,Gaiwan, Porcelain Pot or Yinxing Zhisha teapot.

2. Rinse teacup with boiling water.

3. Use between one and two teaspoons of tea leaves (about 3 grams) per teacup of boiling water 100ml ~130ml (212F ) for up to about 10 seconds~ 1 minute depending on your personal preference.

4. The second brewing time is 20 seconds~ 1.5 minutes. The third brewing times is better 30 seconds ~3 minutes. Increase the steeping time for each subsequent brewing.

5. Infusions: At least 7~9 times

BT10:Fu Liang Congou Black Tea

Fu Liang Gong Fu black tea is produced in JinDeZhen, Jiangxi province, which is also capital of chinese porcelain. Fu liana gong fu has another name :”Fu Hong”This tea exudes a noticeable aroma and leaves a refreshing flavor over your tongue.

Brewing guide:using purple clay or porcelain tea ware. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons) for every 150ml of water. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 95°c (203°F) for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing. If you like milk with your tea, add 10 to 15ml of sweetened/plain dairy milk and stir

BT11:Ning Hong Congou Black Tea

Ning Hong is the earliest work done one black tea. Major producing counties in Jiangxi province, Wuning drum, second, and adjacent to the Xiushui Street area of Hunan orang Pinging longevity tea processing tea factory from Nanjing Red Xiushui work, the tea with a unique style, excellent quality and world famous. 

Xiushui a long history of tea, black tea production began in Xiushui Daoguang early years. since black tea from Daoguang quarter, the Jiangxi estimated passenger revenue Yining County of tea, black tea due to the practice of religion into the Cave." "Yi Ning Zhou Chi," a "reign name of Yi Ning a, kind of Growing Scots all over the country, system of law is green tea, black tea, oolong, pekoe, flowers, brick tea variety "is defined Xiushui Wuning old in Nanjing, Nanjing, said the state of black tea produced in black tea, called Ning Hong. 

Characteristics of Ning Hong Gongfu tea:

Shape: tightly and beautiful, gold hair revealed, tip tall and straight

Color: black bloom

Soup color: red brilliant

Aroma: fragrance lasting

Taste: fresh and mellow, brisk

Infused leaves: red bright

BT12:Chuan Hong Congou Black Tea

Chuan Hong is a fine, crisp black tea produced in Sichuan Province. Chun Hong is the only black tea produced in Sichuan.

Within Sichuan province, Chuanhong is produced in the mountainous region surrounding Yibin, between Chengdu and Chongqing, just north of the border with Yunnan.  The region’s humid, sub-tropical climate and rich soil make it a highly productive agricultural region. The region’s lower altitude, higher temperatures, and fertile soil lend it to the production of roasted black tea, in contrast to the more delicate green and yellow teas of E’mei and Mending, Sichuan’s two famous tea mountains

Sichuan congou black tea presents a gold hairy appearance with a strong, round and tight strip. It has a shiny dark luster. Endowed with an innate pure caramel-like fragrance, it tastes mellow, fresh and brisk. When brewed the soup looks darkly bright. Its tealeaves are thick, soft and harmoniously red. Ever since its first appearance Sichuan congou black tea has gained a high reputation in the international tea market and has sold well in countries such as Soviet, France, Britain, Germany, Romania, etc. and is thereby considered as an up-rising star of Chinese congou black tea. 

When brewed it smells a pure caramel-like fragrance and tastes mellow, fresh and brisk. The soup tinges darkly bright and the tealeaves are thick, soft and harmoniously red.

BT13:Yi Hong Congou Black Tea

Yihong Gongfu tea produced in the Hefeng, Changing, Enshi, Yichang Country of Hubei. Yihong Gongfu tea picks fresh leaves between Qing Ming Festival and Guyu Festival, the standard is a bud or a bud and two leaves. Yihong Gongfu tea has primary processing and refining two stages. Primary processing is plucking, withering, rolling, fermentation, drying; refined processing is divided into 3 Sections and l3 procedures.The name "Yi Hong" was given because this tea had to pass through Yi Chang County before reaching Han Kou Port for export;Other names:Yi Hong Congo tea ,, Yi Chang Hong Cha.

Taste:Yi Hong's dried leaves give off a sweet aroma reminiscent of Chinese Red Dates, and this is carried well into the taste and aroma of the tea. It also has a strong and lasting aftertaste.

Appearance:The golden black tea leaves are tightly rolled into needle-like shape.

Brewing guide:using purple clay or porcelain tea ware. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons) for every 150ml of water. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 95°c (203°F) for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing. If you like milk with your tea, add 10 to 15ml of sweetened/plain dairy milk and stir.

BT14:Hu Hong Congou Black Tea

Hu Hong Gongfu tea produced in the Anhua, Xinhua, Lianyuan area, located in the middle of Hunan.Tea garden four seasons, a subtropical monsoon humid climate, loess soil is red, slightly acidic, abundant light, abundant rainfall, suitable for tea growing.

Hu Hong Gongfu tea has Gongfu tea, broken black tea, OP black tea three categories, nearly fifty varieties. Hu Hong Gongfu tea represented by Anhua Gongfu, shape is tightly and fat,high aroma, taste is mellow and thick, soup color is thick, Tea leafs is red dull. Pinging Gongfu is high aroma, but less neat. Xinhua, Taiyuan Gong’s shape is tightly,more tips, tip is good, but low aroma. Lianyuan Gongfu tea as a new tea, shape is tight and slender, light fragrance.

Quality characteristics of Hu Hong Gongfu tea:

Shape: tight and slender

Color: black oily

Soup color: red brilliant and bright

Aroma: high aroma

Taste: mellow and thick

BT16:Zhao Ping Congou Black Tea

Zhaoping congou black tea is from China well-known organic tea production area---Zhaoping County in Guangxi province, which has more than 1000 years history of tea production.

ZhaoPing organic tea garden is located in the natural forest protection area, suitable for the warm climate, abundant rainfall, rolling mountains, the forest coverage rate reached as high as 90%, the average elevation in 800-1000 meters above the clouds, all day long, thick soil layer and a weak acid, by domestic and foreign experts as "the most suitable for the growth of tea place"!

Zhaoping congou Black Tea divided early and refined two stages. At the beginning of fresh leaves of acceptance and management, wilt, rolling, fermentation, drying thick. Send refining workshop, sieving, winnowing, picking, complex fire, construction procedures to make tea products. The relative technology of other tea is more complex, time-consuming, higher technical requirements, so it is named "Gongfu tea"