herbal tea

Peony,also known as Luoyang flower,is the king of flower in our country.It will bloom in the early May,its flower is in red ,pink ,yellow ,white ,green and purple .

Efficacy :

Peony has a long history which is cool in its nature,it is good for nourishing skin and flushing energy,

further more ,drinking it can reduce blood pressure and cure anaemia ,cough and stop pain.

Most importantly ,it can ease catemenia pain and smooth blood,so it is a good helper for female friends.


Caution: Please keep in cool ,dry and higher place to avoid children .


Matches : Match with tea or drink only peony blossom.


Steeping method : Put 3g peony ,2g tea and proper sugar into the boiled water.

Peony petal


Using: SPA or match with tea

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