Press Release:Superfine Whole Series Chinese Oolong Tea online for tea enthusiasts outside China (Jan,2016) 


Summary: Chinese Tea Connoisseur supplies high quality Chinese tea products at a competitive price. It offers safe online shopping experience to the customers.

From time immemorial, people have been drinking Chinese tea due to its multiple health benefits. It is also useful in revitalizing the lost spirit and so there is a great demand for such tea in every country of the world. Now with the arrival of various e-commerce sites customers can easily buy such tea product at a reasonable price. Chinese Tea Connoisseur is one such commercial platform where customers can buy different types of Chinese teas at a competitive price. All its premium quality teas come from small family owned tea farms which use traditional technique in tea production. Customers can easily browse the menu options in the category to search for the relevant products.  Tea enthusiasts do have the chance of experiencing the rich Chinese traditions and history through its tea products.

Its Da Hong Pao WuYi Oolong tea is mainly obtained from the tea leaves of Wuyi Mountains. It is a heavily oxidized and dark oolong tea. It is considered to be one of the top ranking teas of China. It needs brewing for three to four times at the optimum temperature of 90 degree centigrade. Its aroma is quite strong and the finished tea is seen as tight and greenish brown strips. Equally impressive is its Phoenix Single Bush Oolong tea which is available in various flavors and tastes at a reasonable price. This tea is found in Fenghuang Mountain with mild and humid climate. The site protects the privacy of the buyers and never shares their personal information with third party sources.   

It also supplies high quality TaiWan High Mountain Oolong tea of various blends to the customers. These teas are mainly grown in the high mountainous regions of Taiwan and are quite useful in refreshing the body and mind. The appearance of the tea is pretty similar to that of Alishan teas and is often considered to be one of the best teas from Taiwan.  It is grown at an elevation above 1,000 meters and has good international market. This commercial site mainly accepts payment through PayPal and customers need to pay at the time of placing the order.

 Its blogs contain useful information about various teas from the historical and cultural perspective of China. Products are shipped internationally and shipping charge is based on delivery destinations. Before buying the tea, customers can purchase its sample tea bags so as to ascertain the quality of its products before spending their money. Customers do have the scope to forward comments after tasting its tea products.